Future Expansion Plans

1. Shelter Home for Animals:-

PFA Siliguri has been facing a major problem of providing temporary shelter to the injured animals treated by our members. We plan to hire a VET and two fully trained workers and a security guard to carry out the rescue activities.

The shelter home would be used for the following activities:-

  • Space for treatment and care of large animals like Bulls, Cow’s, Ponies, calves etc.
  • Temporary shelter to the injured animals
  • Shelter to the cows rescued from being transported for slaughter.
  • Free of cost check up to the injured and ill animals
  • Act as a temporary shelter home for lost and stray animals
  • Sterilize the dogs of our city. This process would require keeping these dogs under observation for 5 to 6 days. Thus we could keep the dogs temporarily in the shelter homes and release them after the treatment. This whole process would help us reduce the street dogs in the city.
  • Adoption center for abandoned dogs, cats, pups and kittens.

2. Ambulance for transporting rescued animals to the shelter home.

3. A fully equipped hospital within the Shelter Home for carrying out the following services:

  • An X-Ray facility
  • In-patient facility for animals with serious conditions
  • Well equipped operation theater and surgery unit for Sterilization & Immunizations of Dogs and Cats.

How Can You Help :

Working membership (Monthly) Rs.100 per month, Life membership Rs.7000/-